I work with small groups (maximum of 10-12 students), I prefer personal approach. My goal is to harmonise the group energy to create safe and pleasant environment where everyone has the opportunity to move and shift their personal boundaries eventually reaching their full potential. Meanwhile, I respect the current abilities of the individual and support the cooperative atmosphere within the group. I encourage every student to continue their own personal practice and provide the manual of basic asana practices, which are practiced in the classes for this purpose.


Hatha yoga class for all levels that is suitable for both beginners and regular yoga students. The students are introduced and guided through pranayama practice (the flow of energy through breath), sun salutations, variety of yoga postures and final relaxation (savasana). The class is taught in very gentle and caring manner, focusing on physical alignment, correct adjustment and breath, allowing every student to gradually build up the physical core, exploring body and mind and aim to experience yoga as a flowing meditation.


Yoga students who would like extra support or/and are not able to attend regular group classes due to time workload are welcome to book in for private session in Hridaya Yoga studio or by agreement in your own space. 
Private sessions are by appointments only. The sessions concentrate on individual's needs and will benefit to any yoga practitioner with desire to develop their personalized yoga practise, refine the understanding of yoga asana (poses) and get deeper into the essence of pranayam practise (controll of the vital life force through breath).


For small groups of participants (2-7 persons) we offer private group sessions in Hridaya Yoga studio or in your space.
Create a group and book in for your group session at a time that suits you, in the comfort of your office, eventually.
The private group class can be designed as a part of your team building or company workshop.

Private one on one sesions or private group sessions can be booked as regular on-going appointments, or as once off session as the need arises.




  • Private class, consultation: 500 CZK for 60 minutes, 750 CZK for 90 minutes
  • Private group up to 2 persons: 800 CZK for 90 minutes, each additional person 200 CZK
  • Private group from 5 persons: 250 CZK/person (90 min. class)



New students are required to complete health questionnaire before their first class. Some health issues may be a contraindication for some postures and therefore careful review of the health questionnaire is essential.

Please arrive to your first class 15 min. earlier, so you can get familiar with the studio and have enough time to complete your health questionnaire. Please inform your yoga teacher about any current indisposition before class.

We don’t currently offer any pregnancy yoga classes. For the safety of mothers to be we presently don’t allow pregnant yoga students to practice in regular yoga classes. In case of pregnancy choose rather the pregnancy yoga classes.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes earlier before class starts. All group classes start on time. Avoid a large meal within 2 hours of class*. (*If you suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia, follow your usual diet)
All yoga props are provided, however if you have your own beloved mat and want to bring it in, feel free to do so.
Please wear non-restrictive and comfortable clothing, bring your bottle of water and towel.
Please leave your bags and phones (switched off) in the changing room. Feel free to rest at any time throughout the class, work within your limits and respect your current physical and mental condition.
However, it is also important to connect with the group energy and follow the instruction of the teacher. Be sure to clean the studio mats after the class with the props provided.
Hydrate adequately after the class.


All classes are designed to provide a balanced practice. It is necessary to stay for the entire class including the final relaxation - savasana.
If you must leave earlier, please tell the teacher before class and plan to take your own savasana before you leave class.


All classes must be reserved online, first you need to register. The fee can be paid online immediately after the reservation, or in cash prior to the class. If you have booked for class and are not able to attend the lesson, please cancel the reservation online (at least 24 hours before class start). If you need to cancel the lesson later, please text me. Otherwise the full fee applies.